Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Northward to the Stolen Lands

As told to the refugees of Glorn's Crossing after the requisite recital of lineage: 

After vanquishing the burning wyrm, my companions and I returned to the Verdant Glade to speak with the Lady Monalessa, who bestowed badges and titles upon us to show her deep appreciation for her service.  Thus, we speak as diplomats of that leafy land. 

For a time we availed ourselves of the pleasures of the fairy kingdom, eating fresh fruits and studying the lore of these lands of Cor, of a brighter time before the coming of the Empire, and it was good and restful.  But our destiny awaits to the north, for our stonefaced companion, Sasha, scion on a Lost Family of uncertain morality bids us quest for the circumstances of his long ago doom, and indeed I am not unhappy to visit once again the lands of my ancestors, the fields that service the Keep that once the Red Knight called his own.  Once and Future! 

And so, upon steeds spun of the very stuff of shadow and night time -for my companions do flirt with darkness- we traveled to the edges of the sward, looking to meet with the people here, in particular the Wise Woman of Westfall, and Lord Tieg of the Foothills.  Rest assured my people, though you have been neglected by the one who calls himself Lord of Fircrest, whose mother called him Hector, now there is another who looks upon you with a paternal gaze.  Never again will you walk alone!  Eat and drink from this Bardic Feast! and take these wards so that your children will not know sickness or poverty! 

And now to sleep upon these cold stones...

So it was that very night the boastful new heroes of Cor were called upon to defend their flock from the depredations of a band of Bugbears who came skulking to wrap their cords around the throats of children, as they are wont to do... but they were slain.  All but one, who was taken deep within the woods so that his screams would not be heard as the Dragonman ate him slowly.

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