Friday, February 18, 2011

Legend of the Ghost Knight, According to the Hermit Old Gro

"Know, oh king that you are not truly king while the blood of the Wolverhamptons still beats in a heart living or dead! The Red Knight may not ride, but lo! The Ghost Knight comes knocking upon these gates!"

So said Old Gro the Ageless Jester on the day of his banishment from the Castle Fircrest, once Blackburn Keep, in the Northern Lands of Cor.

Old Gro is said to live the life of the hermit somewhere under the Forest Eaves, though all are sure his mind has quite left him. In fact, Gro was the last living remnant of Blackburn Keep's rightful owners, for he was once the tutor of the young Wolverhampton lads in the times before the passing of the Light, in the times before the endless Sorrows.

And though Hector wished mightily that it were not true, the Prophecy of Gro came to pass and the Ghost Knight began his annual hauntings of the Castle Fircrest, an armored spectre of the last Lord of Blackburn, knocking upon the door, astride his hellish steed, demanding the honorable contest he was denied upon the fields of the Bloody Battle of the Peacock. The Ghost Knight has made it his habit to appear only on long nights of the winter's dark when the moon is at its lowest ebb. Few have seen fit to challenge the Knight and all have been slaughtered. The Knight has not seen fit to enter the castle gate.

---"Annals of the Young Lords of the North" as told by, Doraleus the Inker, Appointed Scrivener to the House of Fircrest.

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